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Our Services

Magnum Demolition offers total structural demolition services. We demolish houses, apartment buildings, retail centers, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. In most instances, we handle the utility disconnects and obtain the demolition permit. Work is performed in compliance with federal, state and local government guidelines, regulations and ordinances. This includes but is not limited to compliance with local noise ordinances, air quality, NESHAP regulations regarding asbestos, and the removal of hazardous materials prior to demolition.

We utilize crawler excavators with a thumb attachment as our primary demolition equipment. These machines are most effective for low-rise total structural demolition yet versatile enough to leave the typical demolition site in a rough-graded condition. Our management and field supervisory staff each have a minimum of fifteen years experience in the demolition industry. In addition, we are supported by a network of subcontractors who are called upon as needed to assist us with various tasks such as utility disconnects, trucking, and asbestos abatement.

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Phone: 813-938-1818.


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